Halal Food in India

For halal food in India, we suggest you eat at restaurants that specifically serves halal food. This way there will be absolutely no doubt. Honestly speaking, most Indian restaurants will probably not serve halal meat even if they are non-vegetarian restaurants.
Most Indian non vegetarian restaurants that are not run by Muslims too have halal symbols.  But they mostly mean only that pork is not served as they want to attract  many Muslim customers.

Not all meat in India is halal, only if specified. Indians who eat meat (usually chicken, seafood or lamb) do not necessarily use halal meat. Most Indians are vegetarian and therefore will not buy or shop near meat (halal or not). Halal meat shops are found in predominantly Muslim areas. There are 1.2 billion Indians: Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, Jewish, Christians….not all require halal food.

“There are more than 175m Muslims in India [accounting for] approximately 15% of total population, with a larger youth ratio, spread out across all states. Twenty districts have more than a 50% Muslim population, while 68 have more than 25% share of the total population.”

FYI , Following are the few chain of restaurants NOT HALAL.

Chain Restaurants – TGIF – (serves pork), Dominos – (serves pork), Pizza Hut – (serves pork) McDonald’s in North & East India – counter staff have advised that it is not Halal in North (including Jammu) & East India (Franchisee : Connaught Plaza Restaurants) / South & West India Franchisee claims they are Halal.  Hard Rock café – (serves pork), California Pizza Kitchen – (serves pork), Shiro’s – (serves pork) MaiTai – (serves pork), Trader Vic’s – (serves pork)

Non-Halal Food in New Delhi & NCR

Following are the restaurants in the National Capital Region that either serve pork or use non-Halal meats :

Bahi Kitchen Lounge Bar – Golf Course Road (serves pork),  Revv Café – GK 1 (serves pork),  Dine-Esty – Sushant Lok (serves pork ), Café Pinocchio – DLF Phase 1 (serves pork),  Radisson Blu Hotel (RED) – Sector 18, Noida (serves pork), Blue Frog – Mehrauli (serves pork), Underdoggs Sports Bar & Grill – Ambience Mall, Gurgaon (serves pork), The Kylin Experience – Vasant Vihar(serves pork), Golden Dragon – Rajouri Garden (serves pork)